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Solo East Coast Tour-Starting This Weekend!!!


Yep, the time has arrived-I’m heading up the East Coast into Canada for a solo tour-here’s the stops:

July 10th-Greenwood Blues Cruise (Greenwood SC) playing at Polos Restaurant (328 Main St. Greenwood SC) from 9-12pm

July 11th-Greenwood Blues Cruise (Greenwood SC) playing at Uchi E Restaurant (Korean, 217 Waller Ave., Greenwood SC) from 7-9pm

July 12th-Blue Note Grill (709 Washington St. Durham NC) from 5-7pm

July 17th-Stanstead House Concert at Monti’s (corner of Dufferin and Notre Dame, Stanstead QC Canada) from 7:30 to 9:30pm

Hope to see some new and familiar smiling faces on this trip!