This Weekend’s Gigs-Sept. 11-12, 2015

Yep, it’s that time of the month again! Assuming all goes well with Vicki, we’ll be playing at the Fisherman’s Shack (14519 Old Dixie Hwy, Hudson FL) from 8-12pm tonight and tomorrow. David Simmons on drums, Larry Powell on bass, and yours truly on guitar, along with a never-predictable cast of charactors that make the Shack what it is!!! Downbeat at 8pm both nights, so get off the couch and boogie with us!!!frbt9-11-15

New Review of “Goin Down To Florida”-12 Bar Rag Sept. 2015

Published in the 12 Bar Rag’s current issue, another GREAT review of “goin Down To Florida”!!! From George Willett

“Over the years I’ve listened to quite a few of Franc Roberts’ records, going back to the “Back Alley Blues Band” days. He records nearly all original material, and he has written a lot of songs over the years (often with tongue firmly in cheek)… But this new CD has consistent quality throughout and it is my hands-down favorite in his discography.

The session starts off with the title track, and a tight little cooker it is! A high-energy autobiography, Franc’s tough guitar work is nicely supported by Sam Mudd’s bass and tasty drumming by Dave Simmons….and “Smokin’ Joe” Sadowski has taken it up to another level lately, and this track is a good example!

Franc has been listening to the “Killing Floor” era Howlin’ Wolf Band and “Watch You Walk Away” owes a tip of the hat to those bad cats. The song isn’t a copy or cover by any means, but it has been flavored with that kind of seasoning. “Poor Me Blues” is a good example of Robert’s solo guitar work, and a work-out it is! He and that National steel become one being and this is about as damn Blue as guitar gets!

I’m told that “Cheap Cadillac” was being considered as the title track of this disc, and like the tune that finally earned the honor, it’s a 1Degree foot-tapper with fine solos by Franc & Joe (Weren’t they the Hardy Boys?).

“A Fool For Trying” is kind of an oddity, really. It’s a “lost love lament” that is actually rather bouncy, musically. The song has Mark Knopfler-like guitar tone and phrasing, and that’s no bad thing. I like it a lot.

I’ve always been a fan of Franc’s guitar playing, since I first heard him 9 or 10 years ago. Recently he has learned not to force his vocals so hard…and it has made a world of difference.”